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      Our 1st Expo in Munich,黑盾首次亮相 The Smarter E Europe 2023

      文章來源:黑盾環境    發布時間:2023-06-20 10:08

        6月14日,The Smarter E Europe 2023在慕尼黑拉開帷幕。

       蘇州黑盾環境股份有限公司首次亮相The Smarter E Europe 2023,展位號C3.333,向觀眾展示了黑盾的儲能系統環境解決方案。

       BlackShields creates various ranges of Climate control products for Battery Energy Storage Systems, which includes Air-cooled chillers, Air conditioners, and Heat exchangers, etc. These products are designed to meet specific needs like PCS/battery temperature control and installation space. The products are designed with multiple installation methods, large airflow, and intelligent controls to offer a safe, reliable, high-efficiency, and energy-saving precision temperature control solution for energy storage systems. 

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